Words from the Department Director

The discipline of the History of Science and Technology bears the role of communicating the arts and sciences as well as integrating the ancient and modern times, and therefore holds a unique and important position in the study of science culture. Nevertheless, for a long period of time, the discipline of the History of Science and Technology has yet to be developed, compared to either the disciplines of Natural Science, Engineering Technology and Medicine, or the disciplines of Humanities and Social Sciences such as History, Philosophy, and Sociology. The research team is yet to be expanded. There is still a lot of room to explore the breadth and depth of the research in this discipline.

In April 2019, the Department of History of Science, Technology and Medicine of Peking University was officially unveiled. In addition to cultivating master and doctoral students majoring in the History of Science and Technology, we also need to strengthen the education in the History of Science and Technology for undergraduates.

Our goals are quite clear:

Firstly, striving for world-leading academic research. This is the goal put forward after investigating and analyzing the situation at home and abroad. Although China's current research on the History of Science is relatively backward, the goal is still achievable rather than aggressive, provided that it receives sufficient attention and support, and that all forces in this discipline throughout the country are united.

Secondly, integrating education, research, and social responsibilities. We must put education at the root while conducting top-notch academic research. In addition, we must have the courage to shoulder social responsibilities, build think tanks and make science popular, which not only serve the need of national strategic decision-making, but also echo with the dedication to improving scientific literacy of the public.

Thirdly, becoming an open platform for exchanges and collaborations. Internationally, we will gradually establish exchanges and collaborations with departments, institutes, and centers of the History of Science in various universities; domestically, we will build a platform to unite the forces of all relevant parties and take the road of common development.

In short, we will adhere to academic orientation, problem orientation, talent training orientation and cross-disciplinary orientation. We’ll integrate disciplines of arts and sciences, carry out the teaching and research of the History of Science and Technology with Peking University's own characteristics, and strive to become an academic highland in the field of the History of Science and Technology!