Instructions for Peking University Academy for Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies PhD Admissions through Application-Assessment System

In 2020, the Academy for Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies will continue to recruit PhD students through application-assessment system considering comprehensive quality and competence. Applicants shall register and submit application materials in accordance with the PhD admissions guide of Peking University and relevant requirements of our Academy. After reviewing and assessing the applicant's materials, the admission committee of our Academy will confirm the qualification for assessment, and those who meet the requirements will be assessed for admission. The specific regulations are as follows:

I. Eligibility and Basic Criteria

1.Applicants shallsupport the leadership of the Communist Party of China, have the correct political direction, love the motherland, be willing to serve the construction of socialist modernization, abide by laws, regulations and university rules, and have good conduct.

2. Applicants for PhD programs must meet one of the following criteria:

(1)Alreadyobtained a master's or PHD degree;

(2) Fresh graduates with Master' s degree (must obtain a master's degree before admission);

(3)Applicants,who have obtained a Bachelor’s degree for at least 6 years (from the date of having the bachelor's degree to the admission to PHD program), can apply with the equivalent academic qualification (must have published more than two academic papers, as the first or second author, in national core journals in the research fields, or have been awarded provincial or ministerial-level awards or above in related research results (top 5 contributor));

3. Physical and mental health condition meets the requirements of physical examination for postgraduate admission to Peking University.

II. Enrollment Specialties and requirements

1.. History of Science and Technology

The researchdirectionsinclude: The History of Modern and Contemporary Science, Technology and Medicine in China, The History of Science at Peking University,History of Science, Technology and Society,Comparative Study of Chinese and Western Science and Culture, and the History of Scientific Thought (no specific researchdirectionsare required when registering online).

Applicants majoring in the History of Science and Medicine, or come from other science or engineering disciplines (such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, Psychology, Information, Computer, etc.) are welcome. Applicants should have a strong interest, innovation consciousness, innovative ability and professional competence in science, technology and medical history. Applicants majoring in humanities and social sciences, who are interested in the History of Science and Technology, and in the History of Medicine, and Science and Culture, and have the consciousness and ability to participate in the interdisciplinary study of natural sciences, humanities, and social sciences, are also welcome.

III. Application

1. Online registration

Registration time: from 12:00, October 14, 2019 to 12:00, December 6, 2019

Registration URL:

For details of online registration, please refer to theonline registration announcement and online registration rules of Peking University for PhD students’ admission in2020


The registration fee is 200 yuan for each applicant, which must be paid online at the Peking University Graduate Admissions Network. The registration fee will not be refunded upon completing the registration process.

2. Applicants shall send (deliver) the following application materials to each admissions office, during the time from 12:00, October 14, 2019 to 17:00, January 10, 2020. Please bind the material containing 2 sheets of paper or more. Please arrange the materials in the following order, and put them in the envelope.Please choose China Post EMS to deliver the materials.

(1) Peking University PhD Registration Form 2020. You can download the registration form on the website, after successful online registration and payment. Sign your name on pages 2 and 3 after printing.

(2) Copies of the highest academic qualifications and degree certificates (fresh graduates must submit a letter of certification from the graduate school or department of their training unit when registering. Copies of the highest academic qualifications and degree certificates shall be submitted before enrollment. Registration can only be done after passing the review. Those with degree certificates but no academic qualifications shall submit a copy of the master's or PHD certificate during the application. Those who have obtained the highest academic qualifications and degree certificates from overseas (foreign) institutions must submit an authentication report issued by the Overseas Education Service Center of the Ministry of Education when applying);

(3) Copy of ID card;

(4) Copies of Master Degree Dissertation (fresh graduate masters can provide the abstracts and catalogue of the dissertations, etc.), published academic papers, and evidentiary materials of patents and other original research results;

(5) The original transcript of the graduation institution;

(6) Personal statement (about 3,000 words, including the knowledge of the applying major and research plan, and template download URL:;

(7) Two letters of recommendation from experts (experts must be associate professors (included) or above, or have considerable professional or technical titles in the disciplines applying for, and template download URL: /bssqkh/index.htm);

(8) One copy of the certificate of foreign language proficiency obtained within 5 years and still valid within the time of enrollment (the validity period is determined by the type of the certificate of foreign language proficiency, calculated to September 1st of the school year). Choose one of the following certificates, and bring the original for review in the re-examination.Please check carefully and provide the certificate of foreign language proficiency according to the applying major:

History of Science and Technology:

a. The foreign language is English

① Peking university Graduate Admission Test of English (PKU-GATE) score of 60 and above (taking the test from December 2015 to January 2019);

② TOEFL score of 90 and above (IBT) (taking the test after September 1, 2018);

③ GRE score of 300 and above (taking the exam after September 1, 2015);

④ College English Test Band 4 score of 525 and above, College English Test Band 6 score of 450 and above (taking the test after September 1, 2015);

⑤ Pass the Test for English Majors-Band 4 or Band 8 (taking the exam after September 1, 2015);

⑥ IELTS score (academic) of 6.5 and above (taking the test after September 1, 2018);

⑦ Dissertation written and degree obtained in English in an English-speaking country or region (obtaining the degree after September 1, 2015);

⑧ English academic papers published (including accepted) as the first or second author in a periodical or conference of the subject, specialty or similar research area (published (or accepted) after September 1, 2015)

b. The foreign language is Russian

① Pass the Test for Russian Majors-Band 8 (taking the exam after September 1, 2015);

② State Testing of Foreign Citizens in Russian as a Foreign Language(ТРКИ) Level 2 certificate (taking the exam after September 1, 2015);

Note: The major of the History of Science and Technology only recognizes English and Russian as the foreign language

3. Those who only apply online but do not post(deliver) or not on time, or only post materials without online registration, are deemed unsuccessful application.

4. The application type must be filled in "Targeted" (the application type cannot be modified after entering the re-examination), to apply for a full-time PhD program without transfer of personal files (must be a faculty member of university or college or a research fellow of research institute).

5. Each applicant can only apply for one preference, and the supervisor will be determined after admission (no need to choose the supervisor).

6.Mailing address:

(2) Applying for the major of History of Science and Technology, applicants should send (deliver) the materials to:

Room 203,Courtyard No. 1 Jingyuan Garden, Peking University, No.5 Yiheyuan Road, Haidian District, Beijing, P.R. China

To: Mr. Zheng

Tele: 010-62750323

Postcode: 100871

IV. Selection and admission

1.Preliminary review

The admissions commission of our Academy would select the best candidates for the assessment, according to the application materials.

2. Re-examination

After entering the re-examination, the applicant must submit the original identity card, the original academic qualification and degree certificate, and the original foreign language proficiency certificate, etc. for verification. Holders of foreign (oversea) academic qualifications must also submit the original certification report issued by the Overseas Education Service Center of the Ministry of Education. If the Academy has any doubts about the academic qualifications, degree certificates or the foreign language proficiency certificate, the applicant shall submit a certification report issued by a designated authority in accordance with the requirements of the faculty.

The re-examination is conducted by interview, written test, or both, in the form of selective second-tier exam. The re-examination examines the students’ discipline background, professional literacy, operating skills, foreign language proficiency, thinking ability, innovative ability, and the comprehensive ability of the applicant to analyze, solve problems and innovate. The exams are scored on a 100-point scale, with a passing score of 60.

Applicants are required to make a report to the admission committee, which includes introduction of personal scientific research experience and results, understanding and opinions on the research field to be engaged in, and the assumptions and reasons for the research to be carried out.

The re-examination time is determined by each major, and it is expected to be arranged in Mid-to-Late March 2020. For details, see the notice on the college website.

3. Admission

For qualified candidates, we select the best candidates in the proposed admission list. Those who fail any of the assessments will not be admitted. The term of publicity is 10 workdays, after being approved by the Graduate School.

V. Violation

Any violations or frauds in the admissions assessment of PHD students will be handled in accordance with the Measures for Handling Violations in National Education Examinations and relevant regulations at any time. The current institution of the undergraduate will be notified to give a sanction according to relevant regulations, and explement will be considered; the current employer of the on-the-job candidates will be notified to give punishments by administrative and Party discipline agencies according to the circumstances. The judicial organ shall investigate and affix legal liability of illegal acts, and give criminal sanctions to crimes according to law.

VI. Supervision mechanism

1. Faculties and departments shall publish relevant instructions, assessment procedures, re-examination list and proposed admission list for PHD students on the website, in accordance with the principles of openness, fairness, and impartiality.

2. The Graduate Admissions Office and the relevant departments of the university will monitor the enrollment of graduates. Applicants may appeal to the admissions commission of PHD students of the academy for disputes arising during the admission; if there are still disputes, they may appeal to the Graduate Admissions Office of Peking University.

Academy for Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies

Tel: 010-62760228

Graduate School

Tel: 010-62756913


VII. Other issues

1. For the research duration, employment, tuition fees, scholarships, and student accommodation, please refer to the Peking University PhD Admissions Guide 2020 (main campus).

2. For the information of faculty, please refer to the PhD Admissions 2020 on the website.

3. Please pay attention to the online notice of the Academy for Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies in time for the specific arrangements.

4. Academy for Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies shall be responsible for the interpretation of this notice

VIII. Contact Information

Department of History of Science, Technology and Medicine,URL:

Administration Office of Academy for Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies

Tel:010-62760228, 010-62766511

Address: Room 108,Courtyard No. 1 Jingyuan Garden, Peking University

Postcode: 100871

Academy for Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies, URL:

Office of Graduate Admissions, Peking University


Address: 5th floor, New Sun Student Center, Peking University

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