Instructions for the Department of History of Science, Technology and Medicine on 2020 Admission to Graduates Recommended for Exemption

Special tips: The online registration time is 13:30, September 6, 2019 to 17:00, September 19, 2019, and the deadline for receiving hardcopy application materials is 17:00, September 19, 2019. Applications will no longer be accepted after the deadline. If the printed information is inconsistent with the information online, it will be labeled as invalid.


1. Applicants shall support the leadership of the Communist Party of China, be willing to serve the construction of socialist modernization, be of good character, be well-behaved, and abide by China's laws and regulations;

2. Applicants shall obtain the qualifications and quotas recommended for exemption by his or her institution.

II.Enrollment specialties and training levels

1. Enrollment specialty: History of Science and Technology

Research directions include: The History of Modern and Contemporary Science, Technology and Medicine in China, the History of World Science, Technology and Medicine, the History of Science, Technology and Society, the History of Scientific Thought, and Comparative Study of Chinese and Western Science and Culture.

2. Training levels: PhD & Master.

III.Application methods

1. Online application

During 13:30, September 6, 2019 to 17:00, September 19, 2019, applicants shall complete online application on the Peking University's Graduate Admissions Website ( through the "Online Registration" module.

2. The hardcopy application materials should include the following items:

(1) Application form;

(2) Personal statement;

(3) Two letters of recommendation, which requires signatures from two experts who are related to the subject of applying degree (experts must be associate professors (included) or above) to be signed, sealed, and signed at the sealing seam;

(4) Academic transcript of undergraduate degree, stamped with the official seal of the institution's teaching affairs office, sealed in the envelope, and affixed with the official seal of the teaching affairs office at the sealed seam;

(5) Copy of Award certificates;

(6) Certified score reports of CET4, CET6, TOFEL, IELTS, GRE showing English proficiency;

Items (1)-(3) shall be downloaded online and printed from the Peking University Graduate Admissions Network. (PS. If the printed information is inconsistent with the information online, it will be labeled as invalid.)

Any additional documents, such as representative academic papers, publications, or original works related to academic and professional accomplishments can be submitted.

Students of Peking University applying for the same department/major shall submit one copy of items (1), (2), and (6). Students from other institutions or applying for cross department/major shall submit items (1)-(6) for all. Applicants shall guarantee that the submitted application form and all other application materials are authentic and accurate. If the admission departments or certification authorities verify that the application information or documents are false, positive admission decisions will be cancelled.

By 17:00, September 19, 2019 (Beijing Time), applicants shall complete all the application materials (A4 paper shall be used uniformly, the corresponding item number shall be written in the upper right corner of each page, and pages shall be clipped in order by the left side with the long tail clip), put it in the envelope, and send it directly to the following address:

Room 203

Courtyard No.1, Jing Yuan

Peking University

No.5 Yiheyuan Road, Haidian District


P.R. China

Mr. Zheng

Postcode: 100871

Tel: 010-62750323

EMS or SF Express shall be accepted only. Applicants will no longer be accepted after the deadline. Express shall specify "application materials for XX major/direction of XXX (student name)". None of the application materials will be returned once received.

3. Registration to Graduates Recommended for Exemption Service System of the Ministry of Education

Information Disclosure and Management Service System for Graduating Students Recommended for Exemption of the Ministry of Education (service system, website: is the unified information recording and opening platform as well as online application and admission system.

Only graduating students with recommended exemption qualifications and quotas from recommended school can register. Applicants shall log in to the service system according to the requirements of the Ministry of Education, register and fill in the basic information, complete the online registration, online payment, acceptance of re-examination confirmation and confirmation of pending admission.

IV.Re-examination instructions

1. The re-examination form is interview & written test. The written examination and interview result respectively accounts for 50% of the total scores; the re-examination results are calculated based on centesimal system. The pass score of written examination and the interview are 60 points. Students who fail the written examination or interview will not be admitted.

2. Subjects of written examination: Professional English & History of Science and Technology

3. The department will announce the list of students with re-examination qualification, re-examination time and place through the official website of the Academy for Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies ( The re-examination is balanced and only the best will be admitted. The re-examination rate is not less than 120%.


1. Pending admission and public notification

The Department will send notifications of pending admission to applicants through the service system, and applicants shall confirm whether to accept admission within the time specified by the department online.

If the pending admission is not confirmed within the specified time, it is deemed to be abandoned, and the Department has the right to cancel the pending admission. The Department will no longer send another letter of acceptance to the graduates recommended for exemption. Students can log on the website of the Academy for Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies or the website of the Graduate School before October 25, 2019 to check the public notification list of proposed admission. If in doubt, students can ask for the department within the publicity period.

2. Review and admission

Before sending the formal admission notification, the Department will conduct a qualification review to the applicants with pending admission in accordance with the following requirements. Those who fail will be disqualified.

(1) Students shall complete the credit requirements for curriculum and practices (including graduation paper or internship) specified of the undergraduate cultivation plan;

(2) Graduation paper or internship scores shall be above "good";

(3) After obtaining the qualification of recommended exemption, students shall not fail in undergraduate compulsory, restricted and public elective courses;

(4) No disposition has been given since obtaining the qualification of recommended exemption to the enrollment day.

VI.Contact Information

Department of History of Science, Technology and Medicine

Mr. Zheng

Tel: 010-62750323


If higher authorities introduce new admissions policy in the 2020 admissions year, our Department will make corresponding adjustments and make a timely announcement.

Department of History of Science, Technology and Medicine

Academy for Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies

September 11, 2019

Application Guide
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