Rivers and mountains are changeless in their glory, and still to be witnessed from this trail. As a basic unit of teaching and research, the Department of Science, Technology and Medicine is set up based on the original disciplinary sites of the History of Science and Technology and the History of Medicine. The Department is rich in alumni resources, and is widely cared and supported by the society. Donations will be gathered and used in a variety of fields of education and teaching, scientific research, infrastructure construction and student support.

A small lotus has a sharp point, and a dragonfly has been standing on it for a long time. In the new era, the Department is benefiting from the extensive support of alumni at home and abroad, as well as from all sectors of society. The Department will keep up with the steps of Peking University, be courageous to explore, and be determined to build an academic highland and to reach the world-class level in academic research within five to ten years.

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